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Monday, October 02, 2006

I'm only here for the beer...

...but apparently, I'm late for the party.

Now that October has arrived, I started researching my planned post on Oktoberfest, only to find that it actually began in September.

According to Wikipedia:

Oktoberfest is a two-week festival held each year in Munich, Bavaria, Germany during late September and early October. It is one of the most famous events in the city and the world's largest fair, with some six million people attending every year. Other cities across the world also hold fairs, modeled after the Munich event, also called Oktoberfest.

When I first visited Germany, back in 1990, it really spoilt my palate for the swill that generally passes for beer in the U.S.

Fortunately, the "microbrewery revolution" soon followed, so my more discerning tastebuds were soon placated.

Before then, I had discovered bock beer, a seasonal offering; the first one I had was made by the Schmidt's brewing company, which mostly put out some of the worst beer I'd ever tasted, before or since. It was a hometown product in Philly, sometimes referred to as "Schuylkill Punch".

Also from Wikipedia:

Bock is a strong lager from Munich in Germany. The name is a corruption of the medieval German brewing town of Einbeck. The beer is usually darkened by high-coloured malts. Bock is traditionally brewed in the winter time for drinking during the Spring.

Bocks have a long history of being brewed and drunk by Catholic monks in Germany. During the Spring religious season of Lent, monks were required to fast. Bock beers are higher in food energy and nutrients than other beers, thus providing sustenance during the holiday.

But in the twentieth century, bock beers, mainly in the United States, gained an undeserved reputation for being brewed from the dregs of previous brewings. Many craft brewers, however, began to reverse that rumor and produced exceptional bock brews of their own.

Right now I've got a ¼ keg of Yuengling Lager in my beermeister, which I built out of an old refrigerator back in the 80's.

There are so many varieties of beer, I don't intend to cover them all.

That's the bailiwick of my cyberbud "Beerme", anyway...

Official Oktoberfest site
(English version)


Blogger MargeinMI said...

Now I understand why those fraulines wear those puffy sleeves--it's to hide the gigantic biceps they must sport to hoist all those mugs!


October 02, 2006 6:12 AM  
Blogger Beerme said...

Nice post, Camojack!
Interesting to note your beer drinking experience is very similar to mine. I remember waiting each year for the Stroh's Bock beer to come out so I could try a beer that had some flavor! Now, of course there is a veritable beer universe at even the most remote American's easy reach. Nice that Wikipedia notes the erroneous belief that bock beer was made when they cleaned out the barrels each year (bottom of the barrel, ha!).

October 02, 2006 6:45 AM  
Blogger boberin said...

Well then, live and learn compliments of my buddy camo. I thought bock only came out at the end of a brewing season (obviously incorrect) but now I know better!
My wife had just told me why Ambler (my home town) has October Fest in September every year, told me that the originator was getting married in October but wanted the party going long before, thus the September start date.
Good, informative post as always!

October 02, 2006 8:14 AM  
Blogger camojack said...

Interesting theory, vis-á-vis those sleeves; you just might be onto something there.

Well...if you think it's a good post, given the subject matter, that's all the validation I need!

We'll have to drink a few more beers together, one o' these days. During a football game, perhaps? Monday Night Football is on tonight...

October 02, 2006 8:26 AM  
Blogger darth_meister said...

I bet she gets a lot of tips. I wonder is she can polka? I wonder if I could polka after drinking one of those pitchers!

Bears won big last night, so all you Bear haters can go cry in your beer. Super Bowl, babeeeee!

October 02, 2006 9:40 AM  
Blogger JR said...

Been there, Done that, Miss It more and more each year...

October 02, 2006 12:30 PM  
Blogger camojack said...

I couldn't polka before drinking one of those pitchers.
(Or is that wouldn't? Yeah, that's it)

I'm no Bear hater; my girl is from Chicago, originally...but the Super Bowl is a long way off.
(I'm thinking about going to the Pro Bowl)

Well, maybe one o' these years, you'll return...

October 02, 2006 4:37 PM  
Blogger Hawkeye® said...

Never been to Munich, but I lived in Germany for 3 months back in 1996. My employer had their main offices in Holzminden Germany which is in Niedersachsen (Lower Saxony). For a listing of the breweries there you can go HERE. You have to scroll down to get to the listing.

The local brewery in Holzminden is Allersheim. I've had a few Allersheimers. I've also had a few Einbeckers and Jevers. Good beers all!

(:D) Best regards, or...
Mit besten Grüßen (auf Deutsch)

October 02, 2006 5:52 PM  
Blogger onlineanalyst said...

Get your fill here because as the tune has it, "In heaven there is no beer..."

Beer is not my cup of tea.

Um, I don't think that I could have successfully keyed in the word verification if I had hoisted a few.

October 02, 2006 10:34 PM  
Blogger camojack said...

A listing of the breweries in Europe? Ja, das ist gut...danke schon.
(I wonder when I'll be there again)

Guten tag, mein freund!

That's OK, tea isn't my mug of beer, by definition.
(However, I like several varieties of that, too...)

October 03, 2006 3:47 AM  
Blogger Pat'sRick© said...

One hundred bottles of beer...
When I was a child, I thought beer tasted kind of funny. Now that I am grown, I realize that most really do taste funny.
There are some, though...

October 03, 2006 6:43 AM  
Blogger Cassandra said...

Somewhere in one of my closets I still have a dirndl... it was pretty - light green bodice and brown embroidered skirt. I wonder if I can still get into it?

I should be able to - I still weigh pretty much the same as I did in high school when we went to Garmisch. It's just a question of whether the contents have shifted in transit :p

Too funny!

October 03, 2006 8:40 AM  
Blogger camojack said...

When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child...and I thought beer tasted funny, too. It's definitely an acquired taste; I didn't like a lot of things back then that I do now.

Well, if you still weigh the same as you when you got it, it'd prob'ly still fit. Even accounting for "settling of contents", I'm thinkin'...

October 03, 2006 4:11 PM  
Blogger benning said...

My folks turned me on to two brews that have ruined most others for me: Newcastle Brown Ale and Blue Moon.

I visited Germany in the 70s and tested the beers ... copiously! ... and was also disappointed with the home brewing when I returned to the States. Our laws kinda forbid really fine beers. *sigh*

October 06, 2006 8:17 AM  
Blogger camojack said...

Newcastle Brown Ale and Blue Moon are both excellent examples of zymurgy at its finest...

October 06, 2006 4:26 PM  

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