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Sunday, September 10, 2006


...we won't forget.

(Picture used with permission)

The 2,996 Project: A Tribute to the Victims of 9-11-01...another "day that will live in infamy".

This project was first brought to my attention by Benning's Writing Pad; after the concept caught on and gained momentum, several others on my blogroll (and I) got on board.

The idea is for bloggers to pay homage to the innocent victims of that awful day.

In my case, I have the honor to write in memory of Jeanette LaFond-Menichino, who was 49 at the time of the attack.

Jeanette lived in New York City, was a senior account analyst for Marsh & McLennan and was confirmed dead at the World Trade Center.
(295 Marsh & McLennan employees were killed in the attacks; they were working in Marsh's One World Trade Center offices located at the impact zone. In fact, on October 11, 2001 Marsh established a crisis consulting practice specializing in terrorism)

I didn't know Jeanette, so first I shall defer to those who did...

Her sister (Anita) wrote:
This is my sister. I miss her very much. She was beautiful, fun and a big part of my life. Now there is just a big void. How can she be gone? I think of her laugh, how we used to joke on the phone and how we looked forward to being together. I hope she knows how much she is loved and missed. My little sister, Jeanette, I love you.

A co-worker (Jerry) wrote:
I worked with both Jeanette & her mom in Bankers Trust. She was a great person & friend. I will always remember her & her wonderful smile.

Jeanette was an American, unlike many who perished during the events of that fateful day.
(There were citizens from several dozen other countries killed in the attacks as well)

Of course, what we call "Americans" is a diverse collection of individuals, with ancestry from every place on the planet.

But back to Jeanette, the point of the post. I have only conjecture to work with, in addition to the limited amount of information available to me. But I am of an age now with her when she died, and I'm quite sure that we share certain commonalities. Americans, working towards that "American Dream", looking to the future with hope...possibly hoping for a comfortable retirement.

However, for Jeanette, all of that was cut short. One can only hope that the end was quick, and relatively painless.

For some people in this world, the lives of innocents like Jeanette are meaningless, something to be thrown away to make a misguided point.

There are those who think that the ideology of hate that motivated the attacks is symptomatic of a great many adherents to a particular belief system. I choose not to accept that, believing instead that it is a minority of fanatics who use that belief system to justify their own agenda. It wouldn't be the first time in history this has happened, although it would be great if we citizens of Planet Earth could work on making it the last. But I digress; a habit of mine.

I'd like to think that Jeanette would agree with me, but because of some individuals who were deluded by a hateful group of small-minded people, I shall never know.

For Jeanette, may her death not have been in vain.

Rather, let Jeanette be remembered with honor, and hopefully we as a nation can move forward together...just as we did, all too briefly it seems, in the aftermath of those terrible events.

May God bless Jeanette, and may God Bless America...


Blogger Hawkeye® said...

Sorry Camo. It happened again. That's my automatic form filler. Just delete.

What I meant to say was...

Good post buddy. Amen.

September 10, 2006 6:13 PM  
Blogger Barb said...

That was a beautiful tribute ,Jack,to a beautiful woman. I am sure that she went immediately to Heaven,and someday her family and friends will see her again.
I don't believe the Terrorist's who murdered her will ever get near Heaven and in fact suffer daily ,now and forever the flames ,choking smoke and pain they inflicted on all those good people on 9/11.

September 10, 2006 8:50 PM  
Blogger Cassandra said...

It's funny, almost all the tributes I've read so far have been for people about the same age as us - 47 - 50-something. That is odd.

It is still too young.

Thank you Camo. I am glad you brought this to my attention.

September 11, 2006 5:00 AM  
Blogger Island Girl TLA said...

This is very sweet and touching Camo, you truly have a writers gift.

I have had a lump in my throat since early this morning as I tuned into the news. Tributes, events and commentarys which transpired and lead upto this horrible tragic event.

I try to live by the old moto, "Don't ever go to bed mad at each other".

September 11, 2006 6:37 AM  
Blogger KJ said...

Thank you for introducing such a special person to me. A nice tribute.

September 11, 2006 6:50 AM  
Blogger camojack said...

I'm glad you liked it...but I've seen a lot of better ones, or so it seems to me.

Thanks; I tried to do her justice. I only wish I'd had more information about her to go on.

I've read a few tributes to people who were in their 20's, which was WAY too young. Of course any of those killed should have been allowed to live out their natural lifespans in peace.

And thank you for your own beautiful tribute. Bravissimo!

Island Girl TLA:
I appreciate your kind words. I liked your tribute very much, too.

You're most welcome, of course. You did a fine job yourself.

September 11, 2006 7:14 AM  
Blogger MargeinMI said...

Another lovely tribute, Jack. Thanks for participating in this worthy project.

September 11, 2006 7:41 AM  
Blogger boberin said...

Bravo sir, well done!

September 11, 2006 8:03 AM  
Blogger benning said...

Camo, you have written a fine tribute that Jeanette would enjoy. I like the personal way you looked at this and your analysis of what happened. Jeanette's is a loss of someone with much life ahead of her. So many lost.

Thanks, camo, for posting this.

September 11, 2006 5:20 PM  
Blogger Beerme said...

First, thanks for the fine tribute, I am thankful for having learned a bit about another of the victims of this tragedy. They all have a story to tell, and it all ends so sadly...

Second, thanks for bugging me to join this worthy project. I got alot out of it and it helped me to move past my hatred of the perps and on to a certain understanding of the event and a calm acceptance of the tragedy.

Amen, indeed.

September 11, 2006 5:51 PM  
Blogger Raggedy said...

Wonderful Tribute!
Thank you.
These are sad and hard to read....
I am honored to be a part of this project.
Mine is posted also...

The 2996 link is down. I have a new link on my site to view the participants.

Bless you...

September 11, 2006 6:06 PM  
Blogger camojack said...

I was reluctant at first to participate in the project, not knowing any of the honorees, but I'm glad I did it.

Thanks, I tried to produce a worthy tribute...but others have outdone me, to be sure. I suppose that doesn't really matter much, I got a lot out it.

I can only hope that Jeanette would have enjoyed it.

Thank you for bringing the project to my attention.

I believe it has been a somewhat cathartic experience for a number of us; definitely a noble idea, and I thank D. C. Roe for the concept. I can well imagine why that site is down, today especially.

Thanks for visiting. Also for doing your own tribute and particularly for setting up the mirror site.

I agree, they are sad and hard to read...

September 11, 2006 6:38 PM  
Blogger darth_meister said...

We must always remember fallen Americans like this. Too bad nearly half the people in America pay lip service to "never again" by undermining this Administration's war on terrorism.

Regardless how good or badly this great country may be doing in draining the swamps of jihadism, it is the duty of every American to see who the real enemy is and it isn't President Bush.

Thanks again, camo, it's a wonderful tribute to a fellow American.

September 11, 2006 6:43 PM  
Blogger onlineanalyst said...

How sad to read these tributes to people who had so much to give ... and who did give wonderful memories to those who knew them personally before their lives were snuffed out in such a horrific way.

The dark pit of hatred that destroyed such innocent lives can never take away the worth of individuals when there are meaningful projects like this one. Thanks for contributing your part, camojack.

September 11, 2006 10:17 PM  
Blogger camojack said...

It would be great if this country could unite as one in opposition to the tyranny of oppression that is the legacy of the extremists who would kill us all if they were able.
(How was that for a run-on sentence?)

As someone once said, the price of liberty is eternal vigilance.

So very sad, yes...and pointless. Despite my initial hesitation, I was only too happy to contribute to a worthy cause such as the 2996 Project...

September 12, 2006 4:00 AM  

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