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Thursday, March 31, 2005

In memory of Terri...

Today the long struggle over the fate of an unfortunate woman in Florida has ended...in her death. The black-robed tyrants have spoken, yet again. One of them decided that the word of someone else, whose motives are questionable, was sufficient to remove "life support". Well, that kind of life support (sustenance) is something we all need, without exception. Oddly, this recollection by Terri's widower didn't take place until after there was a sizable malpractice settlement, and years after Terri became incapacitated. In a criminal proceeding, those dubious "memories" would be deemed hearsay and inadmissable as such. In a criminal proceeding, before a sentence of capital punishment was meted out, there would have been 20 years of appeals. The only thing reviewed in what appeals there were in this situation was whether legal procedures had been followed. The pertinent facts of the case were never reconsidered, all the way up to the United States Supreme Court. The overwhelming opinion, in every case, was that the letter of the law had been adhered to. Which does NOT make it right. The whole thing was a travesty, and ultimately it cost a poor, helpless victim her life. It makes me sick...

What am I doing?!

Blasting into cyberspace. New frontier. I expect I'll be posting random musings on current events, and/or whatever else is flitting across the old(ish) cortex. People will be told, whether they want to be, or otherwise...the sky isn't even the limit. 3...2...1...!!!

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