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Tuesday, January 24, 2012


I returned recently from my annual trip to Hawaii. In addition to Kauai and the Big Island, I also went to Niihau for the first time...so now I've been to all of the main islands typically seen in depictions of the State, as seen below.

Niihau is privately owned, and also has a village of native Hawaiians living there.

A rudimentary map of the island (lifted from "Da 'Net") is here:

The owners of Niihau run helicopter excursions to the island from Kauai; consequently, because I was going to be there I availed myself of the opportunity to "complete the set", so to speak.

I got to sit in the co-pilot seat. :-)

Approaching the island of Niihau.

The village of Puuwai off in the distance.

Northern end of Niihau with Lehua just beyond it. Lehua (like Molokini, which is South of Maui) is the top of a mostly submerged volcano. It used to be owned by the same family that owns Niihau, but they sold it to the State and now it's a bird sanctuary.

Lehua, as seen from above.

Some of the Niihauans met the helicopter, because besides a group of tourists (myself included, of course) it had also brought in some supplies. The village chief (behind the wheel) is in his eighties and the vehicle was from the Korean War era.

Off to do some beach combing.

Lots of monk seals on Niihau.

Check out the rainbow; we followed it back to Kauai.

This was an interesting and educational trip...

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