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Friday, June 22, 2012

How fast is too fast?

As with many questions, it depends upon whom you ask.
(My brother the racer goes more than twice as fast)

Anyway, once upon a time the daytime speed limit on the Interstate in Montana was "reasonable and prudent"...but because many folks were going faster than they could apparently handle (and killing themselves in the process) a set limit was eventually established.

Before that happened, I took the following picture:

Sorry about the poor quality, but that's actually a digital photograph of the original 35mm image, which looks better; maybe Shelly could help me with that.

Holding a camera steady and taking a picture at 100 MPH isn't exactly easy, and I didn't know if the attempt had been successful until the film was developed, but obviously I survived what some might consider a foolhardy stunt.

Don't try this at home kids, or on the highway for that matter...

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