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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Get your motor running...

...head out on the highway! The picture at the left, with the ugly guy on the pretty Harley may be somewhat familiar to those who've been to my blog previously. It was taken in West Virginia about a year ago by my friend Marsha.

Well, gas prices are going down, but so are temperatures hereabouts. I rode to work yesterday, and do so every day it's going to be above freezing and without rain. But those days will be ending soon, at least for this year. Where's that global warming when you want it, anyway?

Speaking of gas prices, although I do get better fuel economy with my motorcycle, I would caution those who may be considering buying one for themselves against doing so for that reason alone. Why? For all intents and purposes, when you're on a motorcycle, you become invisible to other motorists. At least, that seems to be the case, since they always say "I never saw you!" when they do something stupid. Consequently, it can truly be a matter of life or death to acquire defensive driving skills to the "Nth" degree.

I would advise anyone contemplating the purchase of a motorcycle to take the motorcycle safety course which is offered in every State, and sanctioned by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation.

OK, I'll get down off the "soapbox" now; time to get on my bad motor scooter and ride...

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Play Ball!!!

ST. LOUIS (AP) The Houston Astros made it to their first World Series after 44 seasons, owing it all to Roy Oswalt, who took his team's hopes, dreams and gritty resolve and pitched them past the St. Louis Cardinals 5-1 Wednesday night.

Baseball, the great American pastime; it can really stir our passions.

I remember my very first game in the Little League. I got hit right in the chest with a pitch, and didn't know at the time why I was told to take first base. All I knew was, that sucker HURT! Of course I know that rule now, but at the time, I was just a wee lad.

One thing that I've always noticed about the World Series is how, while it's going on, a lot of seemingly more important things fade into the background.

I think we could all use that right about now...

One for the books; a sweep!
1. Sat, Oct 22: 5-3 White Sox
2. Sun, Oct 23: 7-6 White Sox
3. Tue, Oct 25: 7-5 White Sox
4. Wed, Oct 26: 1-0 White Sox

Monday, October 10, 2005

Rain, rain, go away...

Weather - Extended Forecast:
Today, Tomorrow, etc. RAIN!!!

It looks as though "Old Ma Nature" is trying to make up for lost time; there've been a lot of long dry spells in various places, droughts, etc. No longer. Too much of a good thing (or anything, for that matter) is, by definition, too much.

I'm not complaining about my own situation, because from where I am sitting it's merely an annoyance, in that it keeps me from riding my motorcycle. Mostly I'm thinking about the fact that now we have even more areas experiencing floods, and more people displaced from their homes. Driving home from my recent vacation this weekend, I heard about them on the radio. I realize it's still hurricane season, and I'm aware that precipitation comes along with that, but this year has been breaking records.

I can't wait until the kooks start up their caterwauling about that dreaded topic again: GLOBAL WARMING.

Yeah, right...

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