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Friday, May 23, 2008

Gone fishin'...

Well, in just a few hours I'll head to the airport.

I'm looking forward to cruising in the Caribbean again.

Last year, I experienced great difficulty getting there.

But once I finally did, it was well worth the trouble.

I'll be looking at spectacular views like this one:

OK, "off into the sunset", as they say...

Monday, May 05, 2008

How I spent my weekend

I finally put up a boat shed that I'd acquired in the Summer of 2005.

A number of things had prevented it going up, but they've all been dealt with...finally!

The last thing that needed doing was to level the spot where my driveway got extended several years ago, which is where I've been parking the boat ever since I got it.

This happened last week, because I saw a guy working just up the street with a backhoe, and persuaded him to come by to do the job a couple of days later.

Once that was done, there was no stopping me.

So now, my boat has a home of its own.


Here it is with the door open:

And with my boat inside:

Now I just have to install a Roll-up Door Kit.

I ordered one; I'll install it when it arrives...

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