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Friday, February 02, 2007

Off to paradise...

Handy reference map:

The Waipio Valley, central Northern coast; a highly sought after location at one time, but when the tsunamis come (almost always from the North) it gets wiped out:
There's a mile-long black sand beach, and gorgeous scenery in which to hike.
(There's a green sand beach on the other end of the island)

This is a picture of me in the second most extensive lava tube type cave system (the most extensive is Kazumura Cave) on the planet:
It's called the Kipuka Kanohina System; at last count there were 20+ miles of interconnected passages...and I own a parcel with a couple of entrances thereto.

Facing inland (the Hawaiian word is "mauka", which means toward the mountain; the other way is "makai" or toward the sea) from the black sand beach in the Waipio Valley you can see a waterfall with a 1600' drop:
I've hiked all over this valley, above and below.

This is a view from a beach in Kona, on the West coast:
If there's a clear view to the horizon at sunset (it's often obscured by clouds) you can see the "green flash", which I've only witnessed once.

I spend most of my time in and around Ocean View, which is nearly as South as you can get in these United States.

Hold my calls. And my emails...

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